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asked on Apr 25, 2011 at 21:49
by   Peter
Hi guys,, please anyone can give some advise

i owing to BSN RM11k,the banker just saman me in court ( hearing date 25/05/2011 )
my salary was 5k, actually i can not afford to pay BSN because i helping my wife business as the business not so good and also her credit after taken care my wife debt and some for family use.can not pay the banker, question

1) is this consider first mention to me, what should i do ???
2) on the saman letter received , there is an attachment of " Notice Kehadiran" as below
   saya mengaku tuntutan pihak plaintif dan saya menawarkan utk membayar plaintif bersama dgn kos utk jumlah tersebut pada haribulan ________,2011 atau secara ansuran sebanyak RM___ sebulan bermula dari___ haribulan ____,2011

a) Pekerjaan saya ialah________
b) Jumlah Pendapatan____
c) Tanggungan ____
d) Sewa Rumah___
e) Bayaran bayaran bulanan tetap saya ( Senaraikan )

my question is do i need to fill up this form attached, if i do, do i list down my wife expenses as i helping my wife tat why i can not pay to the bank, do the judge accept this ( i think NO )

please advise anyone...

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