My car was being repossessed. What should I do next?

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asked on Dec 11, 2009 at 01:14
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My car just been repossess by AmBank. I understand that its 2 months 21 days and I owed few months. The car is under my dad's name. I'm the guarantor. My dad suffered stroke and can't use the car as I'm making the payments and using it now.

Its like this... My due date is every 10th of the month. Today is the 10th. I was sending stock to my supplier then 2 guys stopped me and said I owe car loan and need to tow the car. I said I'm working now and will be paying after my work at 5pm. Then they showed me the repossession letter dated 10th December 4.27pm.

I've been paying the bank every 10th of the month for the pass 6 months, (I kept the receipts) why today so different? It is still the 10th, they came repossess my car at 4.55pm. Wow that was fast.. 'pakat' with bank meh? I was not given any warning or letters on my payment as I'm the guarantor. Don't tell me a simple call to warn me also can't?

So what can I do next? Pay the amount or fight the case?

Forget to add... I was been paying every 10th after 9 pm at cash deposit machine (CDM) machines. Just now after the car was being repossessed I can't bank in the money. Its stated "none authorize account." Last 6 months I paid without any problem, only today.

And the repossess men was so rude and even scared my girlfriend. They looked like gangster.
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answered on Jan 20, 2017 at 03:10
Why do you let a car which is not yours parked inside your house?
There could be drugs or even a cardever in the boot.

Car Repossessors cannot enter beyond your main gate, however they can bring the police along with them as witness if the needed to.

What happened next?
Successful tarik?
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