Need Advice Urgently .... Notis Kehadiran

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asked on Oct 28, 2010 at 04:41
by   gini2010
Dear Notalawyer and all good advisors !!!!

This is my 1st time writing in this forum thou I been following for few months now . Need your advice urgently as I am require at court on Nov 03rd 2010.

I was saman by Citibank for RM30,820.00 (inclusive lawyer fees & misc) for my both Master & Visa credit card .  I cant no longer service the repayment since I am now jobless . Previously I have faxed to Citibank for payment re-structure however have not received any reply from them .

I am rather confused to how to fill in the Notis Kehadiran ... If I have intended to settle the payment at RM10,000.00 as ex gratia payment , do u think the bank will accept, in view of your experiences ?  If I were to reply to this Notis Kehadiran with the above intention but rejected by bank  , how will this affect my case later?

Your advice is very much appreciated  ......Thank you
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