Engaging Lawyer Firm to Issue a demand letter (Debt Collection)

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asked on Oct 8, 2015 at 16:56
Dear All,

Im looking for legal advice from the forum on debt recovery services. Briefly the objectives are as follow;

1) To engage with a lawyer firm to issue a demand to another party to claim a long overdue personal loan of RM100K
2) To follow up on the issued demand letter
3) To proceed with court filing and case if the other party is not responding on the claim

Having said that, what would be the average cost of me engaging one from issuing a demand letter, follow up and up till opening a court case

On the other hand, there are some minor issue;

1) the only proof of me loaning the RM100K to the other party is all compiled on a sms conversation between me and the debtor.
2) i didnt enter into any form of paper agreement on the personal loan to him.
3) inside the long sms conversation, there are proof stating that he does took the RM100K as a loan and will pay back (albeit the fact that is still aging)

Advice on the legal matter is greatly appreciated.

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answered on Oct 9, 2015 at 16:22
Lawyer cannot advertise or tout for business. Thats why no one reply to you (unless some desperate). Just go to malaysianbar website and search for lawfirms registered in M'sia. You can do it randomly or go for those famous firms. Normally, issuing letter of demand and correspondence for just letters are around RM250-RM500 excluding disbursement. For cause paper e.g writ & statement of claim, reply and stuffs in court procedure could cost up to RM10k or more depending on complexity and the firm's reputation ( more famous more expensive). Want good firms? Go to Legal500 and look for those famous firms.
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