Order 26A Question / Afidavit Jawapan Defendan

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asked on Aug 15, 2010 at 04:29
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Hi notalawyer,

1. If the bank's lawyer agrees to mention on my behalf to the judge that I need 4 weeks to find a lawyer, does that mean I don't need to be at the 026A hearing?

2. Whether the judge gives me (in person or via the bank's lawyer) 4 weeks to find a lawyer, I'll be filing an Afidavit Jawapan Defendan with this one and only point (below), is this good enough? I can't think of anything else.

"I wish to request and examine all the active balance transfer account agreements I have signed with the plaintiff because in November 2009, when I went to  the plaintiff's Holiday Plaza branch in Johor Bahru to discuss settling in full all of my balance transfer accounts but was informed by a staff there that I was not allowed to do so due to their balance transfer agreements and they refused to give me a copy of that agreement at that time."

3. In the event the judge agrees with the plaintiff that I have no case, thus, there is no need to find a lawyer and instead proceed with 026A on the hearing day itself, is there anything I can still do?
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