Jabatan Pemegang Harta

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asked on Apr 25, 2001 at 20:41
by   minn
May I know where is this Jabatan Pemegang Harta located ? Never heard of it ?  Is it the same as FIS & CTOS ? Do I have to check personally or can I get a 3rd party to check my name ?  Thanks.
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answered on Apr 26, 2001 at 10:39
by   Michael
Jabatan Pemagang Harta is located in each town of the country.

Check through the Telekom White Pages Directory and search under the index to Government Departments. Look for Jabatan Pemegang Harta or Assignee Office. Call them up and as for their location.

If you have read the self-help topic posted on this web site under the library section - bankruptcy, you should know that the Pemegang Harta is only monitor those who has been adjudged a bankrupt and will administer the asset and disolve all your assets to pay creditors and costs.

To explain FIS or CTOS in a more easier term - Let's take FIS (Financial Institution System) for example - It is like a pool where all bank and financial instituion pour in the blacklisted (overdue for a certain period) customer information. That include the information of all HP customers which are not blacklisted. FIS also adds additional information obtained from the newspaper (substitution service) for legal action taken by other companies. Thus before approval of any loan, banks and financial institution will check with the FIS to confirm whether such customer is eligible for the loan. Where your name is blacklisted, no loan will be approved until your name is cleared.

You can check your name with the Assignee Office whether you are adjudged a bankrupt. However not the FIS. They are for bank and finance institution where they have a standard form to be sent to the FIS.
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