My sister cheated my ex- husband EPF money

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asked on Oct 25, 2015 at 02:36
End of last year (2014) my ex husband came and stay with us. When my sister know about sweet talk to him and make him wanted to stay with them.
when my sister take him in and that is the day she mental abuse him, must disown his own children and no contact with us, scolded him everyday and ask him to do all the house work, if the house not clean he will get scolding and threatening by sending him to old folk home and didn't he him his medication. Bring him to open a new Maybank account which he had no idea.  He has no right to hold his own phone (because they won't allow him to contact us) and MYkad and the ATM card they are holding it because every month the Perkaso will bank in RM1580 for him but he must not have it and also the apartment must give it to her to be sell off must not give it to the children. (lucky can't sell) but she collect the rental as if she is the owner of that apartment.  The worse part she went to hospital to make a EPF withdrawal medical report on Nov., 2014.
On 6/2/2015 the EPF money (RM110,000.00 plus) was release and bank into the account. At first they using ATM card to draw RM5,000 every day
until the bank is empty.  Then they send him to his brother's place to stay without our knowledge and no one let us know until one day one of her staff told me that she send him away.  Middle of this month Nov., 2015 we found him and bring him back.  His sister in-law give back the IC and ATM card back to my son, from there we went to EPF and found out then his money is gone.

Please Help ME how go about it to get the money back.  We already make a police report on Monday and they said they need the medical report of the withdraw of the EPF. We went to hospital the clerk told us, my sister had make the medical report for the withdrawal of the EPF fund, but she can't give us a copy.  We have to get it from EPF.  We went to Maybank they need a police report to view the CCTV who come and draw the money, but maybe this CCTV can't be view anymore because is more than 6 months,

The worst  part she tell people my son took the money but how my son take the money as he is in K.L.
To my mother and sisters she told them I took the money and the apartment which I did not
We all didn't go her house.  And she is fully controlling him

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answered on Oct 25, 2015 at 12:58
Why don't you have a family meeting and everybody talk to her to return the money?
Is she still controlling the apartment and atm card now?
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