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asked on Sep 8, 2003 at 23:24
by   cornell
i was appointed by three gentlements who decided to form a limited company which involved in the business of manufacturing a new kind of lipstic that can actually glow in the dark. in the meantime they had entered into a contract of imployment with me.the terms of the contract states that i will paid a certain amount and will continue to work with the company once the company has been formed, for the period of 3 years. eventually, after the company has been form, the board of director (bod) decided to terminate my contract prematurely. im seeking to bring a legal action agianst this company for terminating my employment prematurely. but the problem is that the company claimed they are not the one who enter the employment contract with me becouse the company did not exist yet while the contract came into an agreement. help me please........
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answered on Sep 10, 2003 at 15:38
by   iradvice
Dear cornell,
You say the terms of the contract says..Who issued this document?
Who signed the offer of employment? If you have a name you can sue that person as your employer.If you can email your offer to me at I can provide you with more advice.

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