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asked on Apr 3, 2015 at 02:12
So far so good . Nothing happens yet. I m ready if it comes. Thks. Jeff happy  new year. It's a bit late but I have to
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answered on Apr 3, 2015 at 02:32
Dear Roy..

Happy Days... Nowadays these banks are just trying their luck. The best is not to call or reply to any of their letters. The moment one replies or even complain to BNM, they know... "we" are still alive and is staying or shifted back to old house (maybe inheritance from parents) and they would try to come for "us". We can fight on grounds of the 6 year limitation period but as can be seen from "Aurora" it is a long and tedious task, no choice, otherwise we would be paying thru our nostrils.. But what about those who do not know about laws and time barred limitations?

As per my guess, it could have also been your "last" payment to one of your other debts which is captured on BNM CCRIS and the amount after "discount" maybe based on your affordability to pay. Too high a figure, you may try to fight them in court and the chances of you winning is very high. They have called their "bluff" and failed...

Enjoy our retirement and have koppee or teh tarik at our fav mamak stall.. no GST ma...

Cheers.. Ciao..
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answered on Apr 6, 2015 at 14:24
Whenever you receive a letter of demand, keep it. If you are visited by a process server and you deny you are the person they are seeking to serve, deny you live at the address at which service is being effected or write to the bank and say addressee not at this address you commit the common law offence of "keeping House". it does not assist you with your defence from that point on.

A good way of achieving the same result is never to answer the phone in your name or the door in your name. "Can I speak to Roy Ong?" your answer should always be "Who are you" ( as politely as you can. Some times they persist. "Why don't you tell me if you are Roy Ong?", your response should always be "You are at a place which does not belong to you, you are an invitee and if you don't tell me who you are I am not obliged to answer you". After that show them the door and  ask them to post whatever they have to you making sure they have the right address and person the next time.

In such a situation you would not have "kept house" broken no law, exercised your rights and displaced the attempt to serve you.
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