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asked on Apr 24, 2014 at 01:22
I had sign up for event exhibition last January 2014 , where event conduct on end of March 2014

When approach by sales lady , I been inform all nice thing about the event that will give me good return so she give me paper to sign in Jan 2014 , I signed the paper and return via email.

At end of February , we had financial difficulty and I want to cancel the contract given they have 1 month before the event , they reject the request say I have to pay full disregard we cancel .

Understand their situation , I ask if they can help me with some of client that I can sell our booth with cheaper price . Our request ignored . Many times we call ask for help but nothing entertaint.

Then I start look back at contract , to my shocking they stated that I can only cancel 6 month before event , means I can only cancel way before I sign the contract ...... basicly no way for me to cancel .

I feel cheated because not been inform properly the consequences by the sales person , however I admit my mistake not read the contract properly ...... as normal human I tend to believe , this international company will not lie .

They now trying to sue me for payment , what is best I can do ?

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