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asked on Apr 15, 2015 at 13:25
by   Bella
I sold an item for RMXXX on eBay malaysia. After the buyer has bidded & won my item, I realized my item was damaged. So as an honest & ethical seller, I informed the buyer thru email personally & apologized. He then said that he wanted to sue me for breach of contract. Then I proceeded with the cancellation of transaction on eBay. The buyer not only rejected the cancellation of transaction but also emailed me to say that he will proceed in taking legal proceedings against me. He also sent another email saying that he will be sending payment to me shortly via COD (Cash On Delivery). And another email saying he didn't received the item!! I have the emails to prove it.

I have already informed him that the item is damaged, of coz I can't sell it right? It isn't ethical. So why is he doing all this? Why send an email saying he will make payment via COD? How is this even possible when he doesn't have my home address or even my bank account number. Obviously no payment was done. He is trying to be nasty & I don't know what is he trying to do....

Please advice as soon as possible. Thank you.
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