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asked on Jan 13, 2014 at 21:11
by   Christine
I received a call from a lady who speaks with an Indian slang claiming to be from legal firm representing Cintai Malaysia with instruction to file a summon against me for non-payment of membership fees amounting to RM2,000 plus (didn't managed to catch the exact sum). She talked very fast and didn't provide answer to some of my questions namely what's the legal ref no. what's my Cintai Malaysia a/c no. and when did Cintai Malaysia send me reminders of the outstanding amount either via mail, email or sms

At first she sound convincing enough but my better judgement alerted me that this is very likely a scam. So I played along and ask her how much I need to pay. She claimed if I decided to terminate I'll only be charged RM699 but the sum must be paid on/before 5PM today or she'll be left with no alternative but to file a summon and I'll be called to court in a week's time. If I decided to terminate someone from Cintai Malaysia will contact & provide me its Maybank account no. for money transfer.

About 5 mins later I received a call from a Ms Suzana (012-5848569) asking to verify my IC No. Mind you both the legal rep and Ms Suzana managed to read out my IC No. correctly. Suzana asked me to update my home address which I gave her my office add. I asked her for email add so I can forward proof of payment and this she gave me And in another 3 mins. I received sms providing Maybank A/C Nio : 5621 4240 4730 to facilitate payment transfer.

I googled for Cintai Malaysia but can only find contact for NCCC. I called and spoken to a Cik Umo who was kind enough to alert me that court do not grant hearing in such a short notice and without proper documentation thus above is definitely a SCAM!!!
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