Urgent!!: UOB credit card debt

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asked on Mar 22, 2015 at 11:39
by   AngryMan
My scenario: i stopped paying my cc since oct 2014 because im not satisfy with the bank services

Amount owe : RM3500, by now should be around RM5000 including so called "legal fees"

Received call : from various authorities (bank debts dept, outsourced debt collector company, etc)

Now: i was served with a letter dated 6/3/2015 summoning me to court hearing on 26/3/2015(in few days time-EXCITED  ).

What i want now? : to settle the amount 1 kali

Question 1 : I need to attend the court hearing?

Question 2 : How? Whr? who? i need to call or look for to "negotiate" for a lump sum payment? Do i need to write in officially? or call uob debts dept? or i can just walk in to any uob branch?
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