Fraud partnership need help

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asked on Aug 19, 2013 at 20:16
April ,she come kl visited me and asked me open a bubble tea franchise shop in our hometown,Miri,Sarawak. She said if I don't have money ,her father can 100% support , she promise she will quit her piano teacher job and focus on our franchise. She also made her promise in front of my father 3 times said she will try her best to do with me. But after I back to hometown and registered our company and setting all the franchise fee , she started to break her promise. She said she can't come out 100% and ask me to come out another 50%.  Later , a few days later, she said her father and aunt not allow her to quit piano and do bubble tea. After that she said she want to quit the business. She admitted she just want to trick me back hometown by asking me do this franchise with her , she don't even want to do. So what can I do with her? Please give advice. Thanks.
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