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asked on Jul 26, 2013 at 17:16
i have my diploma and started work since year 2001. after years planned to get higher qualification via part time course and i was advise by one of the local "A" college university and i started MBA and paid for the registration fees and some misc fees and attended for 2-3 times classes. after those classes there were no further class notices from the college university and i also did not follow up as was busy on other work stuff. few years later about year 2011 i found another "B" college offered MBA courses and i have paid for first semester fees about RM8K++ but after 2 classes only i realize that my qualification will not be recognized by as per malaysian education department as i enroll with diploma qualification but not degree! i stopped the course and find no where to complaint even i have highlighted to the college but receive no response from them.
Funny thing is i receive calls saying that they are agent appointed by "A" college university chase after the course fees that i have owed them throughout the course! i get shocked and for me i have stopped the course due to no class noticed from them and more over if i have attended the course my qualification will be not recognized! they some more threatened me that if i have not going to pay for the course fee they will send back my profile to the college university to take action on me!
Anyone can pls advise what should i do now?
1. the "A" college university that chase after me for the full course fee
2. i am thinking if i can claim back the RM8K i have paid for the first semester
these things are bothering me and i was so sad that did not make full research before enroll the course that time... and those colleges are not even tell that only degree to MBA only recognize in Malaysia
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answered on Mar 11, 2014 at 01:53
I am planning to join in the law college through online. But, I read you thread. I was in confusion can I join in it or not. Please anyone help me to come out these confusions.
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