Cintai malaysia Card

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asked on Apr 9, 2013 at 21:14
Really happy to find this page regarding the Cintai Holiday Card. Last 2 days also received the calls & requested us to pay RM590 for closing account, this is not the 1st time, few years ago also the same case. When talk to this Indian ladies, my temple really rise up, I ask her why I need to pay RM590 and I told that this membership shd be one time payment, how come we need to pay that ? I also told them that I have keep the document when a sales person said that this is the one payment & also a closing account. She can said that maybe this staff have given the wrong info, I need to talk to that girl, she said she already resigned...... I told them that I have never use your benefit at all and she said this is your matters, not their matter, what is this ? She advice me to close the acc and have to pay RM599, I scold her why we need to pay, we just only to terminate the account, this is my 1st time I heard that to closed the acc have to pay, same with you all, if we never pay we have to face the legal. Really not understand, this thing can happened and happened ! Hope we can source the problem !!
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