threaten by cintai malaysia travel card

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asked on Apr 8, 2013 at 23:12
I also receive the same threat as all of you. the latest call was on last Friday 5th April 2013 @ about 11.13am from a girl who called herself as Wanishree saying that she is calling on behalf of cintai malaysia travel's lawyer's office.
similar story as most of you, she asked me to pay the amount of RM600 for the closing of account with cintai malaysia or i will have to face with RM3500 legal fees and action if I were to refuse their offer. she also mentioned that once i make payment of RM600, she will send me the cancellation of the legal letter and all matters with the company will be drop.
this wanishree later sms me the maybank acc no of 514404602779 with a massage saying, "apa2 tn blh menghubungi saya. 0123350652..nom contect saya...nama saya wanishree..900517-14-5352..10q"
I replied back to the sms she send, requesting for the name of the account no's holder. but up to today i have yet to receive her reply.

i was about to make payment today, but a friend of mine suggested that i make complain to NCCC, and that is when I came across this forum. I have to thank all of you for sharing this to the public, coz I was thinking that I might be alone getting all this thread.
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answered on Aug 14, 2013 at 20:30
me too having same problem! they keep calling me and what i do,is not answering their phone... and today suddenly my friends have a phone called from them their tactic is calling the office not handphone!! argh!!! make us tension!!! feel so...angry!!!!
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