Cintai malysia card

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asked on Feb 7, 2013 at 22:32
I would like to share my experience.....i received a call from miss sofea...0123318937saying she represents the cintai malaysia...they want to take legal action for not renewing my membership and she is from the ministry of tourism and will settle the matter for rm 599.00. I called the cintai malaysia number...the say it must be a prank call...but its all their staff and they use only mobile line. So that they can deny if any one finds out that the caller is not genuine. This company dyna quest ...uses unorthodox marketing techniques and if you are caught u loose ur money. worst if u have credit card the simply upgrade ur membership without permission.... so beware... they think they are smart. please change ur card and mothers maiden name...they use the initial name that given to them...the first time..and grabs ur money.
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