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asked on Jan 25, 2012 at 04:59
i have many question to ask actually.. i think im going to tell about all of the story first.. last year, my friend and i were signed one business contract with one lady which own one tuition centre.. the business contract is for 3years which mean until next year.. but, unfortunately.. middle of last year.. the owner of the centre did not happy with both of us and she made us felt unhappy to work in that tuition centre.. the lady is the owner of the centre and also the CONSULTANT to both of us according to the business agreement..

during our management of the tuition centre.. the sales was good.. we never missed to pay salary and bills.. in fact we pay the lady rm10k per month as we agreed in the contract.. during our management of the centre also.. we had planned to organize one seminar for upsr and we used our personal banking account to collect the fees of the seminar.. but, before we did the seminar.. the owner of the centre already asked us to leave the management as she said that we are ruining her centre with bad management.. then, we went to all of the schools that we promoted the seminar and announce of the cancellation.. and there is no single cent or rm deposit into our account as the seminar was cancel..

after we withdraw the management of the centre and three of us agreed about that.. both of us made one police report to cover ourselves from any summon or issue from the owner.. this is because the owner refused to sign any of our withdrawal letter and said she is going to refer to the lawyer but there is no replied from her until january 2012.. the owner send writ summon to both of us and claimed the rm10k that we suppose to pay to her until next year..

in the writ summon.. she said that both of us breach the contract by resigned from being the management of the centre.. but, we never resigned.. so, can i have advice from any of u here.. thank you..
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answered on Jan 28, 2012 at 18:02
how can it b "writ summons" ? did she give u any notice before proceeded wt summons? "we are ruining her centre with bad management"..did she attach any proof?in this case, u have to refer back to ur contract. ur rights, n procedure to be taken if any party default must be there in d contract. Need to check that clause (if any) then only can advise u accordingly
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answered on Aug 13, 2012 at 16:52
have you tried talking to the lady in the first place. maybe all you need is just to discuss. i know it may sound easier that it seem. however, apart form a legal process with a lawyer and the courts, have you tried another method which is called mediation. try calling 03-22890775 for more information on what is mediation and how it can help you.
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