help!!!! need advice on debt payment

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asked on Dec 13, 2011 at 22:43
good evening to everyone.
hmm... firstly i should intro myself briefly to u all. i am actually a fresh graduated CLP student n now i m chambering in a small firm. i'm new & i actually involve in conveyancing & litigation department as well, i've doing all conveyancing work until last week my boss asked me to attend a meeting with all the lawyers in my firm (only 2, including me 3 persons in the meeting) & that was my first time involve in litigation thingy.

although i' m not really understand about the facts of the case as that is an old case n it's dragged for 4 to 5 years due to it's complication (told by the LA of my firm), i was asked by my boss to find out some law governing the payment on debt.

what i understand about the case is actually like this --> A company (listed company)sued B (company) for owing A RMXXXX sum of money. B paid part of the debts, but is the payment actually go to the principal or interest? this is what my boss ask me to find out & he also want the case law & regulations. i been doing research (for the first time) since last week... but what i get is mostly on loan payment n or car installment topic. nothing related the corporate from those informations i got in internet.

i hope i can get some advice from u all on this. thanks a lot.
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