Cintai Malaysia Card and West Dyna Quest Scam

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asked on Jan 15, 2011 at 20:06
by   Advise Needed
I have the same problem where some one call me threaten me that I must upgrade to gold card if not they will continue charge me annual fee. I think we need to find out a way to stop all these crook. I had never use the service and never sign an agreement to upgrade. How can they force us to upgrade. Should we complaint to the consumer association?
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answered on Apr 3, 2012 at 13:30
by   kakitangan awam
sehingga april 2012.....masih ada pekerja syrikat cintai malaysia yang telefon....sudah ambil tindakan atau tidak....syarikat ni hanya menyusahkan orang saja...menganggu ketenteraman saya....bila kita x nk bayar...dia kata kita xda duit utk byr rm599....kalau dh tau pelanggan xda duit...mengapa minta duit dari pelanggan....lepas tu...mcm ugut...gile ape....mmg stupid syarikat ni.....hanginnnnnn..........
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answered on Apr 11, 2012 at 21:22
by   Alice
same thing happen to me.. last year I’ve rcvd about 5 calls from them...until i cannot tahan anymore & i scold one of the girl. I informed them last time their staff said that this package is one-time payment, but she said that staff was cheated & already been fired, she also threaten me about that monthly payment that i need to pay if did not accept the disclosure package but i threaten her back that his company is cheating the consumer & i will report to persatuan pengguna..after that I’ve try to called the agent (which i bought this package from) but she already resign & her colleague said that this package is correct (one-time payment) & ask me to ignore the calls as i can choose whether want to upgrade it or not & I gave her the contact no. & the girl’s name who called me & i thing she did call that girl coz after that i have not rcv any calls frm them anymore until last week, have other person (Indian guy) call me & today again call me about this.. but i told him that my agent said no need to upgrade or pay anything. He said will talk to his manager & call me back but so far no call from him..
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answered on Apr 19, 2012 at 23:11
by   laila
nampaknya saya juga telah menjadi mangsa Cintai Holidays. pada 2010 saya ada membayar rm599, believeing that it will be the last payment and i asked for membership termination. Ingatkan dah settle, rupa2nya semalam diaorg call minta bayar lagi untuk upgrade ke platinum sedangkan i dah reject masa 2010 dulu tu.
Hari ni, 4 orang silih ganti call i, Mr Sam, Syed, 2 org lagi tu i tak ingat nama, asik pester me to bagi cc no.

I minta diaorg fax T&C stated that we need to pay some amount in order to terminate our membership, but they keep saying it it P&C so cannot unvail to anybody.. #### laa!  diaorg bagi the so call termination contract tapi mcm tipu2 je..

what shall we do now? thanks
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answered on Apr 24, 2012 at 08:56
sorry coz menyampuk.sorry i would write this in bahasa malaysia.
i very surprise with all this statement.
i have no problem with this.
i will story to you when i retire.i scare if they read this.sorry.
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answered on Apr 29, 2012 at 00:05
by   lwthin
I have the same problem as all the ones that commented on Cintai Malaysia card. They keep saying that its the last time (which was mentioned to me since the beginning they offer me the card). In the beginning they mentioned that the membership is forever and its blue card and that I only need to pay once. But after 2-3 years time, the staff from Cintai Malaysia called and advised to upgrade from Blue card to gold card. I paid for it and was informed and promised that its the last time to pay. Need not pay anymore in future and membership is forever.
Last year July, the staff from Cintai Malaysia called me and mentioned that I have to upgrade to Platinum card and I need to pay RM599.00 to close my account. Once done, the process will be complete and there will never be any more upgrading and forever I need not pay a single cent. The problem is that I was promised twice and its happening again. Thus, I scolded the staff and refused to upgrade it. He cut off the line and never called back. Today, 28/04/2012, history repeats again. I received a call from an Indian lady 012-3318527      , saying the same thing to me about changing the card to Platinum card. I said no, and she passed me to her manager, which is another Indian lady. The manager repeat the story again by giving me 2 choices. Either I agree with the upgrading or my name will be transfer over to other company to charge me a yearly fee of RM700-00 to RM800-00 instead of RM599-00. I rejected her by saying I want to cancel the whole membership. She said that cancellation of the membership is not allowed as this is a life time thingy, even though we are the buyer. We have no rights to cancel it. If I did not pay either the RM599-00 or yearly RM700-00 or RM800-00, I will be sued and that costs even more to me cause it involves legal fees.

It really sounds like a big SCAM group that has been calling us to make money from time to time with empty promises.
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answered on May 6, 2012 at 20:47
by   Amat
Hai kawan semua, sekiranya anda mendapat panggilan daripada syarikat ini sila abaikan. Ini nasihat daripada Bahagian Jenayah Perdagangan PDRM. Selagi anda tidak tandatangan sebarang persetujuan, tidak ada sebab mereka boleh mengugut anda. Itu hanya tektik kotor mereka. Kalau anda setuju dengan saranan mereka, ugutan sama akan berulang lagi pada masa akan datang.
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answered on May 8, 2012 at 16:31
by   Laila
as at todate, i refuse to pay any single cent to them but they keep on disturbing me. I asked them to fax me  the termination letter before i proceed for payment, yes they did but of course i need time to think, right. The funny thing, Mrs Ashini 012-3301703 asked me to refax the termination letter even without my signature. I got confuse here, why they need the letter without me giving any permission? don't they have the copy of the letter? .. so kelakar kan.. then she sms me : 'KALAU PUAN TAK HTR BALIK SURAT ITU PUAN AKAN DIKENA KAN YURAN TAHUNAN PUAN SO PLZ SEND THE LETTER' ..

frens, i need your advise, what shall i do? shall i ignore? make a police report? report to NCC?
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answered on May 9, 2012 at 16:26
by   teraniaya
same thing happened to me..just received the annoying call..shud do something abt this..this tht number they used to call me 0192673865..kurang ajar mereka ni!
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answered on May 9, 2012 at 18:15
by   wak jowo
hello....sama la...saye pun baru dpt telepon suruh byr dl dari bahagian akaun company...byr dulu baru emel surat termination ......jadi camno ni...x payah layan ke?
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answered on May 11, 2012 at 03:51
by   ababba
yes...just ignore this call..dorang hanya ugut je...sebenarnya tak wujud langsung YURAN TAHUNAN tu..bila saya tanya sama kawan saya yang kerja di situ...(dah berhenti) .dia kata xWUJUD pun YURAN TAHUNAN.itu mmg skrip yang diberi kepada pkerja dan ayat itu akan jika cust. x setuju...mereka kena la cari cara untuk dapatkan sale...mereka akan kata mereka pegawai,atau salahkan kononnya...orang bawah mereka itu menipu...atau mereka akan kata orang itu xpernah wujud.mereka akan bt cust. percaya dengan pelbagai cara..samada mereka bersetuju dengan pendapat cust..pastu mereka akan kata begini2..sehinggalah cust.tu AGREE.saya pelik walaupun ada yang mengugut dan membuat laporan..tapi tak ada sebarang tindakkan yang di ambil.
dan kadang2 cust. datang sendiri untuk buat bayaran kepada mereka..mereka tak rasa takut langsung.malah mereka juga tak kesah kalau cust. mahukan surat pengesahan atau mahu menyaman mereka..mereka dengan rasa xbersalah mengatakan tak ada sapa boleh saman kita.jadi all of you just becareful
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