Threatening For many times

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asked on Aug 7, 2014 at 20:34
for many times They disturb me wit this case,
i had paid my credit card before as their advise me.
once paid,they never do their job. and my account is still on .
i went to Maybank centre and ask. the Cs suggest me went to credit card deprt.
i ask the centre bank negara and she suggest me call the credit card department and The named given as Nor.....
i followed as their tell me. email and The person reply (in my mind : why this P&C case can used Through email easily).

i asked them to sent the formal letter with the statement through on my Current addrs. They gve many reason.
i extend until now already 1 years more this payment credit card incase.

i really don't know what should i do. after so many different and weird info i received.
and now phonecall which always disturbing me even i sms to him was in meeting.

this people name Raja and I have check his profile through his conversation. he is worked with [K***** name removed]..anyone know what is [K***** name removed] ?
i asked them to courier the ORIGINAL LETTER EVEN THE STATEMENT if they really want me to pay that money. "I say is enough for one time Their people lie me".
I tell him,Thats my money not u money. u disturb me without a prove. he asked me do something, but i asked him to do something as a client..but for manyreason has given.
AT LAST HE SAY WHAT " We will went to u Office or Home through u addrss." i hate a people like this... as a threat,they just like a sharks. He sms me with other Nombor and call with others nombor,what is their planning actually?

How can i void from people like this?
How should i do, to settle all my problem with  Maybank credit card?
Please Gve me advise here.
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