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asked on Jun 30, 2014 at 17:17
by   jazzy
got a letter of demand from a legal firm (firm's legit). they are demanding payment on behalf of Aiqon Direct for my SCBB credit card default.  They attached a Vesting Order summons number saying their client (Aiqon) acquire all credit card account from SCBB.  Asked Aiqon to give me proof of purchase from SCBB, they give me letter of offer from Aiqon.  What proof do I have that they are the holder of my debt ?  What if i pay them then some other company come & collect same debt ?  at 1st they keep insist they calling from SC but later admit they from Aiqon.  keep calling and coming to my house, then threaten to bankrupt and block passport.  I told them I will pay in installment on amount which I can afford but I want proof and debt breakdown from SCBB.  Am I correct ?  Can they really sue me ?  I never signed anything with them.
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