Backdated termination letter legal?

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asked on Sep 8, 2014 at 16:11
by   hardatwork
I would like to seek some advice regarding official termination.  I was hired by a company on 01 August with a probation period of 1 month. Around 29 August, the employer decided that my 'work performance' has not lived up to their expectations and they would not be confirming me within that 1 month but would give me another 2 weeks to 'improve'. However, after a week, on 03 September, they had another discussion with me and informed me my employment was 'not working out' and that they could issue me with a letter of termination or I could resign. As I am still under probation, 2 weeks notice is required for termination by either party, and they have agreed to pay salary for the two weeks. Instead of resigning, I asked them to issue me a letter, however, they have yet to do so. 
I would like to confirm if the employer issues me a letter of termination that has been backdated to last week (based on the date of discussion), is this permissable/legal?  If so, they would only be paying me for another week, instead of 2 weeks if they were to issue me with a letter now.
Appreciate your feedback, thank you.
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answered on Sep 11, 2014 at 16:59
by   arun1011
They have to pay you for the period you have been working and the 2 weeks notice can only take effect from the date the notice was communicated to you.
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