Inappropriate termination without a good reason

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asked on May 17, 2014 at 18:46
by   trevor
I was hired by a foreign company with office in Malaysia. My employment contract was signed in Malaysia branch. I'm reporting to my boss in foreign company.

I was sent to work in another foreign country for few months (returning to Malaysia on weekend)without proper work permit or work visa. I raised this issue to HR a month ago and I believe to avoid the messy work permit application, tax in another foreign country etc the company choose to terminate my employment instead of assist me in applying the necessary document.

The reason given by HR was the company has changed its strategy and my position is now redundant and therefore they will terminate my job with compensation.

I was not being issue a warming letter etc for poor performance etc. 

Who should I approach to assess my case? Do I have a strong case to ask for a better compensation?

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answered on May 22, 2014 at 03:04
by   arun1011
It would be very difficult to provide accurate advise as to whether your employer is the Malaysian company incorporated here or the foreign company without having a look at your employment contract.

If your employer is the Malaysian company, then its their obligation to take work permit for you and its their burden to prove there is actual redundancy. As such you might be able to claim more compensation but this all depends who your employer is, if it is the foreign company, then you will not be able to claim anything under the industrial relations act.
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