I was terminated without any reason and notice!

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asked on Mar 7, 2014 at 20:02
by   ajmayally
Hi, I was working in the restaurant as a Restaurant Manager for almost one months , however, I didnt get any offer letter or appoitment letter from them. I started working on 7 Jan 14 and suddenly on 3 feb the owner (he is a Dato) ask me to leave on the same day (his reason, i am not capable to work and he able to get a cheaper staff to replace me, honestly  I have been working there over 12 hrs daily,the F&B director happy with my work as well, they do not provide any job description as well ) there is no terminate letter from them as well.
they also delay my salary until 10feb i got the cash cheque, only 14 feb i am able to withdraw the cash.
what i can prove myself working there is the punched card record and the shopping mall CCTV.
I had lodged the report on 5 Feb to Human right department, so I am going to meet them up soon.
So I was wondering do i have any chance to win the case or not as i do not have any black and white from them. because of this, I am undemployed until now
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answered on Mar 8, 2014 at 02:06
by   arun1011
Hi there

I am sorry to hear about your predicament. You need to quickly write to the Company to put the events which took place, ie , when you were appointed, what took place leading to your dismissal and putting on record that you consider the dismissal to be unlawful and you reserve all your rights under the law. This way at least you will have evidence if you take this matter up to the Industrial Relations Department.
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