Wrongful Dismissal

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asked on Feb 3, 2014 at 22:52
Hi IR advisors,

I used to work for a GLC which was part-owned and operated by a company based in UK.  My immediate superior and I were asked to tender resignation on 24th Jan 2014, reason being 'Mismanagement'.  This was because of high stock year end stock closing for 2013.

First of all, we were never given any direction on how much the stock closing should be.  We also ordered more than our budget as our sales for 2013 was exceptionally good.  All orders were raised and processed by myself, upon my superior's instruction and most of the purchase orders were authorized by our GM before sent to suppliers.  We came to aware in July 2013 that the stock closing would be high, already started strategies to reduce stock level.

We met a Commercial Director from UK in September, who told us the year end stock level should be X amount (which is 1/3 of our projected stock closing).  In October, our GM (whom was leaving Malaysia to take over another branch) issued warning letter to my superior and myself.

After the warning letter received, we did not place any major orders, and freezed our buying for 2014.  Hence asking us to tender resignation (with 3 months salary after negotiation) was a surprise to both of us. A friend of mine, who works as Human Resource Industrial Relation Manager in a company advised me to file for Unlawful Dismissal seeking for reinstatement, which I intend to do on 5th Feb.  Kindly advise how I should present my case to the IR officers, and what are likely outcome.

P/S: I threw the warning letter I received in October 2013 as I don't want my wife to know abt it.  I am also yet to tell her that I was asked to resign, due to personal reason.
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