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asked on Dec 27, 2013 at 15:32
by   inchin
I have been working with this company for 19 years. Recently, I was tranfered down to laboratory because the head had resigned. The turnover staffs are high and this has widen my responbilities to handle the laboratory. The management ( owners ) pushed me for another new task which I am not not famillier with. The lacks of staff and skilled made me feels pressure as the intensity of lab works. The management want me to handle the incoming items to be cleared within their set goal.

I was depressed and informed them but they ignored me as I am sleepless atmost everyday.
My poor concentration made the lab works heavier for me. The psycriatric doctor has diagnosed me the major depression disorder from government hospital. Although I have submiited medical report to management, they still want me positioned in the lab.

What is my rights as Technical manager on this issue?. Do they pay me the compensation if terminated or resigned?What do SOCSO protect me?
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answered on Dec 29, 2013 at 15:15
by   arun1011
1. You need to put it in writing to the Management detailing your medical report and state why you are not suited to the job in the lab. You need to put them on notice to rectify the situation failing which you might need to consider walking out on constructive dismissal.

2. if you resign or get terminated, you are only entitled to SOCSO if the SOCSO Board deems that your illness is such that your not suitable to work anymore. In that case you might be entitled to invalidity pension.
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