Resignation within bonded period

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asked on Nov 28, 2013 at 07:54
Hi all experts,

Kindly advise on my situation as I really need experts and professional advices.

I served a short notice period of resignation to company A.
I joined Company B which they are willing to fulfill the in lieu payment for 3 months(as stated) as my short notice resignation at Company A. (As requested by Company B).
As a result, they did the payment and I was ask to be bonded for 6 months. In which matter happens, if I were to terminate myself I will need to pay the in lieu amount.

However, when I joined Company B, what they told me during the interview and what actually really happening was totally different. I want to leave this company as I feel being cheated and yet I am not affordable to
pay the amount.

Please advise.
Thank you
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