Verbal warning letter for short notice annual leave

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asked on Nov 21, 2013 at 23:43
My company ask me to sign on a letter to agree on the verbal warning for short notice given to my annual leave application. The policy states that to apply for annual leave, employee must give 5 days notice.

I have refuse to sign it for the following reason
1. Verbal warning means by verbal only. Why do I have to sign a written letter for the verbal warning? The company said is for the record purpose but is there such a letter for verbal warning? Do they have the right to issue a letter for a verbal warning?
2. The verbal notice is for 4 short notice leave (actually 3 short notice AL + 1 MC absent without notice).  Is it such a serious offence?

When I refuse to sign the letter, my manager ask the HR manager to witness the incident. Is this a standard procedure?

What is the next course of action that the company might take on me? Can they terminate me for refusal to sign the warning letter?
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