24 Hours notice termination on probation period

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asked on Nov 3, 2013 at 01:31
by   ur2nd

i would like to ask.

i have resigned and giving a 24 hours notice during my probation period (appointment letter 24 hours notice)

but employer is holding my wages, reason was do not have a proper handover job process.

(problem is when i resign, my head of department accepted and did not order and inform who should i handover to)

(and i did handover my job with other department, they hold my wages without informing me until i find out the problem myself)

can i sue them in this case?

my appointment letter is written that 24 hours notice for my terminal of service during probation period .

and i am resign during probation period and giving them 24 hours notice. is totally follow appointment letter.

and HR already issue a accepted resignation letter to me for 24 hours notice. if like this case they still can hold my wages?
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answered on Nov 4, 2013 at 04:53
by   arun1011
No, they cannot hold your wages. If your salary is not more than RM5,000, you can lodge a complaint at the Labour Department to recover your unpaid wages.
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