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asked on Oct 14, 2013 at 22:16
I just received the inter-memo on the result of the DI I attended last September 2013. Btw, the DI was conducted without warning letters issued out to me.

I am currently an Assistant Manager cum Secretary and accordingly is to be demoted to Senior Supervisor post, one grade down with demotion on salary & salary scale too in November 2013!

The charge was being absent from work without approval from the employer.

On 28th June...I texted my immediate superior for extension of leave without pay since I was still feeling sick after an MC on the 27th. My boss texted me and said OK.
Then on 4th July I was at home in bed for a very bad flu since 2nd July where I have an MC for for that day (2nd July). My husband texted my HR reps at the department telling him that I am at home sick. The HR reps just mentioned that..."ok. That will be considered unpaid leave"

Then on 8th & 9th daughter who is Thalasemia Intermedia fell sick. Took her to the clinic on the 8th with a chit saying that I brought her to see doctor on that day and my husband again texted my HR reps telling him what's going on that I have to take unpaid leave to take care of my sick daughter.
I extended the unpaid leave on the 9th and husband again informed my office of my absence (babysitting my daughter at home).

The HR reps took note of my 2 days absence and said to my husband that the days will be considered unpaid leave.

My payslip for July 2013 indicates a three days paycut.

During the DI, it was noticed that my leaves application was marked "A" for the 3 days in July...accordingly the IT staff said that indicates "Approved".

My company has an online leave application system but I have highlighted to the HR reps so many times that I have problem to access and perform leave application online from home.

I did applied the leaves immediately after back to the office.

I really need help. I am given 14 days from date of inter-memo to appeal to the demotion. The memo was dated 7th October 2013 and I just received it today (14th october 2013). So..I have about 7 days left to come out with a very good appeal letter.

Please assist me. Thank you loads.
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answered on Oct 15, 2013 at 04:39
Hi there

I am not so sure how the Company found you guilty for being absent from work without approval from your employer when you have said that your husband had informed the HR and during the DI it was shown that your leave was approved. As such based on the information you had provided it would seem that the Company had found you guilty without no basis. As such your appeal letter in my opinion should point out that the Company had come to a decision without considering the circumstances of your case wherein you have valid excuse and had communicated to the Company the reasons for your absence.
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answered on Oct 17, 2013 at 15:42

Thank you for replying.
That is exactly what I dont understand how the Company concluded that I am guilty as charged when my boss himself said ok for me to extend my leave via sms but unfortunately he must have overlooked to proceed with approval in the system.
My July salary was deducted for the unpaid leaves taken.
That was where the HR rep in my department took as an advantage to put me in the hot soup. (And today I checked my leave status for the 4 dates in question, all has been approved eventhough the DI result is still under appeal mode).
Just a short history about my fued with this HR rep.
I used to help him with his paperwork as he is not that fluent in his English both written and verbal so my boss has instructed me to assist him in his justification papers.
And one fine day, after helping him out with one HR letter which was supposed to be signed by my boss, I caught him just copied and pasted my boss's signature on that letter. When I asked him, he said he used to do that. No big deal. I thought it was such an unethical thing to do so I reported him to my boss but nothing happened. My report was brushed off.
Then about 2 years ago, I handled my department's petty cash fund. This HR rep with another manager approached me with a proposal to use RM3,000 of the petty cash to buy new jerseys for our dept's football team. They proposed that the manager upfront his own pocket money of RM3K and I on the other hand to issue RM500.00 per month for 6 consecutive months to the manager to pay him back. when I asked how to do that for every transcations, receipt is needed. They said they will give me some receipts for the RM500.00 every month. I disagreed with their proposal and reported the matter to my boss and once again the report was brushed off.
Soon after, I was hospitalised for few months so I had to surrender the petty cash to be handled by the manager. When I was back to the office, I was no longer allowed to manage the petty cash and the duty had been omitted from my job description. I took it positively for I am relieved from such responsibility. No longer have to worry to keep certain amount of money in my hand.
In view of these incidents, I strongly believed that someone is doing his utmost best to get rid of me from the company.
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