Constructive Dismissal

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asked on Oct 2, 2013 at 13:53
by   man
To whom it May Concern,

Currently I worked as an Assistant Manager and was given a room in my dept. Recently, the management has decided to add more space my renting another floor and decided to shift a few dept. to the new floor. However, I found out that the layout plan was not suitable not only for me but for the whole dept. The size is smaller and to add to this problem, I am no more given a room but a workstation similar to an executive level position. I am the only Assistant Manager in the company who is not given a room whereas the other are given. My question are:
1) Is this consider as Constructive Dismissal because I feel that the company is trying to demoralize me by bringing my status/level as same as other executive person?
2) If yes, it falls under Constructive Dismissal and I have decided to resign, what are my rights. To what extend I could claim my loss.

Please revert ASAP.

Thanks & regards
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answered on Oct 4, 2013 at 00:22
by   arun1011
Hi there

1. You would still need to show other circumstances as to how the Company is trying to demoralize you. Just being placed in a smaller room might not be a fundamental breach which would entitle you to claim constructive dismissal. As such, my advice to you is to wait and see if the Company does any other further acts which is intended to demoralise you and then you can raise a claim for constructive dismissal.
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answered on Feb 8, 2014 at 22:46
by   rebeka
Hi ,

Is employer being unfair in domestic inquiry qualifies for Constructive Dismissal ?

In the email correspondence , the employer ( Corporate staff ) mentioned that they were well aware of the outcome of the Domestic Inquiry , i.e Dismissal ...

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