My company wants to cancel my Employment Pass before paying Salary

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asked on Apr 26, 2013 at 05:24
by   manzoor786
Dear All,

   Please help me. My Employer wants to Cancel my Employment Pass before Paying my salary. And i insist him to pay my salary first and then only cancel my Employment Pass.  The company says they will cancel the visa by giving police complaint and without notice. 

Im ready to leave Malaysia as soon as i get my salary.. Im also ready to cancel my Employment pass as soon as i get my salary for the current month atleast. The company says they will first cancel my Employment pass and then they will try to pay the Salary. Well im pretty sure they are not going to pay my salary after my Employment is Cancelled.
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answered on Apr 28, 2013 at 12:32
by   arun1011
Hi Manzoor

1. Why does the Company want to cancel your employment pass?
2. It is wrong for the Company to with hold your salary for any reason. You can seek my assistance so that I can assist you in writing a letter to the Company to ask them to pay the salary immediately.
3. In the event they don't pay, your options would be to walk out on constructive dismissal and make a claim at the Industrial Court or you can lodge a complaint at the Labour Court if your wages is less than RM5,000.
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