Seeking advise on how to respond when received warning letter from employer?

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asked on Jan 13, 2013 at 19:06
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I received warning letter last week. There are reasons for giving a warning but none of them belong to the below, which I got from the internet:

* Unprofessional conduct that is against the rules of the firm.
* Insubordination.
* Verbal arguments leading to the use of abusive language.
* Continuous or frequent absenteeism without genuine reasons.
* Successive failure to inform the concerned authority for leaves, for a long duration of time.
* Not respecting the management policies.

There weren't any pre-warning or discussion before issuing warning letter to me. The management just called me out of sudden for meeting. I wasn't aware what the situation. The Human Resources (HR) even wanted me to sign the letter on the spot which I refused. (I hope I did a right move). There were also not improvement plan shown to me. At the same time, they issued another letter of transfer of job scope.

I do not know what is the criteria for my company to issued warning letter to employee. Can I demand HR to give me the criteria or any guideline in labour law for issuing warning letter?

I'm seeking professional advise as this is first time I received a warning letter in my 10+ years career life and I do not want to ruined my credibility for thing that is unfair to me. Thanks.
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answered on Jan 14, 2013 at 01:36
Hi there

1. First of all it is difficult to give professional advise when you have not mentioned clearly as to why you were given warning letter.

2. The fact that you did not sign the letter does not mean that the warning letter has got no effect. If you feel you have been unfairly given a warning letter, you need to respond to the warning letter by stating why you disagree to it.

3. There is no criteria mentioned in the Employment Act 1955 and Industrial Relations Act 1967 about warning letters but good practice by the Company would require the Company to give you a show cause letter and give you an opportunity to provide your explanation and if they find your explanation to be unsatisfactory, then only they should give you a warning letter. However, I wish to stress that this is a mere good practice and if you do not challenge the warning letter which is given to you promptly, you might lose your right later to challenge the warning letter.
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answered on Jan 14, 2013 at 04:42
edited May 15, 2016 at 20:00
Thank you so much for reply this.

I'm in the Accounting and Finance line. I’m monitoring a team of accounts executive to process the day to day accounting operation tasks.

The reasons given on my warning letter are as follow.

1. Incorrect cash forecast. Wrong forecast amount sent to regional team but there were no loss on foreign exchange as no deal has been made by Treasury team.
2. Late Payment to supplier. There were not penalty on late payment. The invoice due on 1st December and only get pay on 12th December. There are only 2 fixed payment date (Mid and End of the month).
3. Late process invoice. The team received invoice on November but was only process in December. The invoice was kept by the executive and I was only aware when the business demand for urgent payment.

If you want me to PM you on the detail. I can do so.

I received the letter last Wednesday (9th January 2012). As of now, I haven't reply or sign on the letter. I just do not know what to reply.

If I reply "I do not agree with the content of the warning letter" to HR. I also need to give the reason why I do not agree right?

In my view, the above reasons are more to a mistake that most of the employee will do. If those are my performance issues for causing loss to company then the management should form a discussion with me? If I have the have the same issues after they discuss with me, I think I desire for a warning letter.

Can you please advise what should I do know?
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answered on Jan 14, 2013 at 05:20
Hi again

1. Ideally the Company should have asked for your explanation before issuing you a warning letter. However the fact remains they have proceeded to issue you with a warning letter without waiting for your explanation.

2. If you have a valid explanation, you can then challenge the warning letter by stating why you disagree to it. I am unable to provide a complete advise on how you should go about replying the letter until i see the warning letter. You can scan and email it to if you want me to have a look at it.

3. On the other hand, if you feel it was just a mistake, then my advise would be not to challenge the warning letter on the ground it was just a mistake because it would tend to look bad on you as you being in a senior position and long time employee and excuses like mistake would not look that good.

4. So only challenge the warning letter if your sure you have a solid reason to do so.
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answered on Apr 30, 2016 at 08:38
edited May 15, 2016 at 20:01
Can you advice me? I have received a final written warning. Is there any reason why I was not given a verbal and written warning?

Can you assist please?
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