Change of job functions to nonsensical tasks

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asked on Aug 24, 2011 at 14:31
This is my first time visiting this site. I do apologize if I haven't lurked enough before posting but I have some problems with my employers and I just don't know where to turn to. I hope I am not creating a duplicate thread.

I have been employed as a support staff in a finance company for the last 5 months. During the interview, the director of the company lined out the duties of the support staff specifically offering support functions to the consultants. However, upon joining, we were informed that everytime the director is not in town, the administrator/office manager of the firm is in charged. Soon after, the support staff seemed to be asked to carry out mindless tasks which include:

- repairing faulty cables in the office even though none of us are trained technicians
- paying bills and buying stationery supplies for the office
- staying back during lunch to answer incoming phone calls

I understand that everyone in the office need to chip in to help out, but then we were informed of the most ridiculous duty that we were required to do - rescuing potted plants in our office balcony from the rain. Yes that means, everytime it rains, we have to carry the potted plants into the office and carry them out again after it stopped raining. Suddenly our jobs are also becoming more of a manual labor one. (We've also heard reports that a previous staff who resigned was forced to travel about 30 minutes away to a mall to buy a particular brand of air-freshener that the administrator liked.)

As it is, the responsibilities of a support staff is huge and we were not able to achieve our KPIs so the director conveyed his unhappiness. So I responded by telling him about our other functions in the office that are preventing us from doing the job we were hired to do and reaching our KPIs. Unfortunately he refused to take any action. Once when the administrator went on MC, she sent me countless text messages reminding me to do something that was definitely not within my capacity to do. I've also heard accounts of another staff resigning because she claimed that she was being harrassed by the endless text messages she was receiving even after work.

I had a face to face meeting with my director again yesterday and still he refused to take any action. Besides not being able to achieve my KPIs, I am also slightly worried of my own market value and employability upon leaving this company, I mean, which other company in Malaysia would hire staff just for their excellent plant rescuing skills? Am I even supposed to put that in my resume for potential employers once my time in this finance company is up? I feel like I am definitely losing focus being here and I am doubting the reasons I was hired in the first place. I am worried I am learning skills that no other company would value.

I know I cannot claim constructive dismissal or victimization but what can I do that will allow me to focus on the job I came into this firm to do. I am not even sure if I should go to the labor office and if there is anything that they can do to help me.

If you can offer any advice, I would be extremely grateful. Thanking you in advance.
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answered on Jan 28, 2012 at 03:46
If u r x happy, juz put ur resignation then
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answered on Dec 31, 2013 at 17:58
I experience similar situation at my workplace.
To the person who advised "resignation" above, seriously she has no compassion to this issue hence I think better u x reply next time.
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