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asked on Apr 1, 2010 at 15:00
by   dorrene

I would like to check pertainning to salary calculation. In the event, my salary is RM4500, and im working with financial institution which their pay date is evry 21st of the month till 20 of the following month.

My situation are as below:
Pay period from : 21st FEB - 20th March.
Basic : RM4500
Work start:22nd Feb - 20th March

Base on above information, I should be pay 27/28 days  X Basic = RM4339.28

But my pay was calculated as such:
22-28 Feb = 7 days/28days X Basic = RM1125
01-20 Mac = 20days/31days X Basic = RM2903.23

I was pay RM4028.23 compare with RM4339.28
Is that the right way of calculating?
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