Mutual Separation Scheme (MSS)

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asked on Jun 26, 2009 at 19:38
by   mscynthia

My company has offered a redeployment or MSS in other words, VSS. I have opted for MSS and below is the formula:

MSS Formula = (2 x Basic Salary x Years of Service) + (2 x BS-additional package) + Medical Benefits (RM5000)

Currently at this employment, we are given 2 months annual/contractual bonus in December on top of our monthly basic salary. In this case, I would like to clarify the true definition of Basic Salary in the context of the MSS package. Should the Annual Bonus be cansidered as part of the basic salary? Considering that the annual/contractual bonus shall be paid to every staffs who has completed 12 months of continuous service. otherwise such bonus calculation of proportionate bonus shall be paid in the event the staff has not completed the 12 months of service.

Hence, basic salary should be 14 months divided by 12 months or Annual Bonus is not considered as part of basic salary?
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