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asked on Jun 25, 2001 at 21:05
by   ssps
I have joined this company on 2/5/2001. Together with the letter of Appointment, I have to sign a Training Bond Agreement. The agreement is for a duration of 2 years. I signed the agreement with the impression that I will be sent for Training. The agreement is basically a one and half page long. The agreement started as , Whereas the employee avail himself for training to be provided by the company, blah,blah,blah.....

I'll have to pay the company 6 months salary plus all the training cost involved in the event that I resigned before the two years period.
I've been reported to work for about 2 months. For this 2 months I've been doing my self-study in the office. When I requested for external training, the company says that the are no longer going to send me for external training as they'll make arrangement for the senior consultants to come back to train me. When I joined all the consultants are not in the office. I've asked for the reasons why am I being bonded if they are not sending me for training. According to the MD, self-study as well as on-the-job training are clasified as training. So I'll have to be bonded. Questions:-

If there is no extra cost incurred for training as I am doing self study, should I be bonded?
If I were to resign now, will I be binded by the bond since I have not attended any training at yet?
What will be the kind of legal implications that I will be subjected to if I resigned now?
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4 Answers

answered on Jun 27, 2001 at 23:13
by   mazira
Dear need_help,

I think you really need help for the mess you have got yourself into.  In the first place why did you sign an agreement without fully understanding the terms and condition of what you are going into?  You made a mistake for signing an agreement based on your 'impression'. 

It is quite a norm for a company to have Training Bond Agreement or some called it sponsorship for training/education.  I am sure the company did not force you to sign the agreement if you are not willing to.  I have come accross number of employees who accepted employment with sponsorship without seriously considering the terms and conditions as most of them wants the job. 

I don't know how your agreement said on self study or attending class study but you must not deny that for the past two months you have been doing your self-study in the office and being paid for studying.  This is cost to a company as you are spending your working hours in the office doing your study which is not productive to the company but still you are being paid salary.  Do you agree with me that when you do your self-study during office hours, the company is not benefiting anything until you gain the knowledge and service them after that. 

Training Bond is not covered in any of labor or employment act.  I suggest you talk to your company on resolving this problem.  Perhaps they would be willing to consider other alternative of compensation.  That fact is that you have breached an agreement for resigning without completing your bond period and the company has the right to pursue this matter if they want to.
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answered on Aug 25, 2007 at 23:13
by   cody99
Dear Sir,

I am in the same situation as need_help. The only different is they didnít provide me any form of training.

If you require a copy of the contract please let me know.

And it is only written in the offer letter. Is it valid in legal court? I could not find any information regarding employment act regarding bonding.

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answered on Aug 27, 2007 at 15:12
by   cody99
Could anyone provide me the contact of Labor Law Dept. Thanks
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answered on May 9, 2009 at 02:57
by   mutawassam
Well, I am from Pakistan and I have a question regarding training bond. My situation is that a public organisation hired us (270 people) for training with clarification that they may or may not give job after sucessfull completion of training. Thay asked us to resign from my last job and fill a training bond of 05 years. In past they generaly hire all people after training but in our case they gave us training and then said that they donít want to hire us and advertised same jobs in newspaper. One of my friend says that they are bound to give you a job because;

1-You have signed a bond with them for 05 years which bonds them too, for five years. 2-That this article, that they are not bound to give you job, only applies when the company is going through downsizing.
3-Thay asked you to resign from your last job, so its not just a training.

Is he, in anyway, right?
Should I file a lawsuit against that organisation?
Mind you itís a public organisation.
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