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asked on Dec 14, 2014 at 18:08
by   haifaidancen

I really really really need your help, upon this. My boyfriend is a chinese-thai (buddhist) but he's an atheist. And I'm a muslim. We really love each other, and we were planning to get married, but his parents doesnt allow him to convert. And I myself dont want to force him to convert because that's just not how islam should be. And i was thinking that we could go out of the country, but my problem now here is how in the world can we talk about this to our family, and be more open minded to accept this. Or maybe is there any other way where it does not invole in LEAVING. Either us leaving each other, abandoning family and leaving religion?
Please help me , Im in desperate need for a plan for a bright future with him. Hope you can reply me ASAP . Here's my mail
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