what to do over beneficiaries disputes

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asked on Oct 17, 2014 at 23:09
what to do ?
my dad's will has 5 beneficiaries named in the house property  he left behind.
me  and my other bother are estate holders  as  stated in the  will.
one of  the beneficiary is  staying in the  house.
the 3 of  us beneficiaries wants  to sell off the property, leaving  the  other  two unresponsive .
I have got  a  lawyer to  sent a registered letter informing  all parties involved of  our intentions and 3  beneficiaries  have signed consent to sell off the property.
leaving  the other  2 , no reply.

the probate letter has already been issued by the  high court and I have not insert my name or no other beneficiaries has done so .

its already 5 years since , my dad has past away , what can the  3 of us do to get  the other 2 to sell off the property ,

I was told by a recent meeting with my lawyer  that without the consent of any one of the 5 beneficiaries in the will named  it will be impossible  to execute  any sale.

and the  last  resort is  to sue the other  2 parties and force them to sell.

is  this the only way to solve this problem??
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