Foreign Marriage Certificate for Malay and Bristish citizens

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asked on Aug 7, 2014 at 19:12
I am a Malaysian Muslim woman who is engaged to be married to a British citizenship. My fiance is happy to convert and I have full intention to relocate to London as soon as possible. I understand that I would have to enter UK under a fiance visa (cost 800 pounds) and unable to work untill i switch to spouse (also costing 800 pounds!). Problem that we have with this option is we have limited funds to pay for visa and to support cost of living while waiting for the spouse visa to be done. I am also employed in Malaysia with a good company so if I could apply for a spouse visa straight away from Malaysia, that would mean that I don't have to quit my job until it's time to relocate. So this would be the option that we are looking at.

If we were to be married in Malaysia, i understand that there is a list of things to do to comply with Syariah marriage which seems to be unnecessary bureaucracy to us since we understand the religious requirements itself to be married is not that much of a hassle. Reason why this has become a problem with us is my fiance's work schedule is very tight (he works in London), he wouldn't be able to say take the marriage course or do the conversion in Malaysia since there is a requirement of 21 days presence in the country is needed before he can convert. That is not including the wait time for other matters such as notice of marriage and other arrangements. He could convert in London but we would prefer this conversion to be done with time and with my moral support which we are unable to give do due to our distance. However, We fully intend to be married under the syariah law once I am already well settled in London.

We would like to be able to live together in London without me having to burn out my hard earned savings on the fiance visa and to support my cost of living while waiting in London for the spouse visa. So I would like to ask if there is any way for us to conduct a civil marriage in a different country close to Malaysia, say Indonesia or Australia and will this foreign marriage certificate be valid for when I apply for spouse visa from Malaysia?

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