Not marry Malaysian mother with a foreigner boyfriend

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asked on Jun 23, 2014 at 08:41
I'm pregnant with 6 months baby boy and my boyfriend is a Germany guy who live in Sg and holding a EP, we are still tougher but due to my pregnancy non of a company willing to hire me from Sg so I forced to turn back to Malaysia for work and deliver the child. Herewith some doubts that bothering me a lot as our relationship still not stable after 9months of time only. Do understand my situation and concern following by the questions as below too:

1-I'll decided to deliver the boy here in Malaysia, is the father of the child able to get the child BC to Germany embassy to claim the kid is citizen of Germany with passport follow by father too?
2-what can I do to avoid it if the father can get the full custody after the first question he can be complete? What should I do to avoid this situation and not being offended to my boyfriend too? What should I say to him to make him give up the first choice of plan and he willing to accept the fact I will hv the full custody by not offended him too?

Many thanks for the QUICK respond!

Is me again, there are few more question as below:
3- I'll plan to apply job in Sg after deliver so the kid will stay with me And my boyfriend's place in Sg, is it possible if I get a work permit only but can apply the kid stay in Sg all by my individual status? If not what else I can do? Beside of letting my boyfriend to take control of this by his EP's holder? If I wana avoid it too what else I can do?

Many thanks!
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