Custody under relatives?

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asked on Jun 12, 2014 at 22:56
My family have been taking care of my cousin more than two years ago as her mother has

passed away and her father was unable to maitain her and her brother and sister. Both of

her brother and sister are being taking care by other people now too.

Last friday, her father came with his new wife and the brother and sister, saying that they

would like to bring my cousin to pay respect to their mothers. However, they didn't send my

cousin back that day. We called my cousin several times and no one picks up the phone (we

let my cousin bring along with a cellphone).  Then we try to call my uncle which is my

cousin's father but he didn't answer too. After that we called his wife and she told us

that they want to take back my cousin and maintain her themselves. However, they didn't

take her birth certificate with them and we tell them to come and take it if they really

want to get her back but they don't want.

Until today, we have called them several times and each time we request to talk to my

cousin she will say my cousin is out. We manage to talk to my cousin two times. The first

time all she says is no, no matter what we ask her. Second time when we called, the woman

is busy cooking so she let my cousin get the phone. We can feel that my cousin is happy

talking to us this, different from the previous one. Then we ask her brother to get phone

and ask him several questions. He tell us that my cousin cannot sleep at night and always

cry. We suspect that her father and women have threaten her and forbid her to talk too much

to us.

So here is my question. If my cousin refuse to stay with her father and he force her to, is

this a kind of child abuse? If it is, what can we do to help her? Can we get my cousin

under our custody?
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