I am ahead to divorce and wanted to know more on Child custody

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asked on Jun 10, 2014 at 22:42
Hi All,

I really need some answers on my only daughter's custody who is 3 years old now.
My husband has been very abusive towards me since 4 years back and he's not capable to control his anger. Obviously he has anger management problem. Every time we tried to talk on how to overcome the problem but it's often ended with heated arguments and he would hit me. As well he always suspicious on me.

But I would say he has been a loving dad to my daughter all the while and I am worried that soon or sooner he will show the same anger to my daughter one day.

He has hit me on several occasions (which become his habit now)and I've made police reports on him.( We have been gone through the counselling sessions few times at JPN before,in order to go on with divorce but after a while my husband would request for a chance for him to change and our daughter's well being will be his reason). Now I have decided that we can't get along ANYMORE as he's not changed and started to hit me again.

His Family History.

1.My father in law(my husband's dad) has been an abusive husband to his mom and he committed suicide in August 30 2001.

2.My sis in law( my husband's elder sister) has committed suicide due to her late husband abusive/marital problems in 1998 but survived and her husband committed suicide in August 23 2001.

3.My husband has been detained under PCO for 2 years (2006-2008) Prohibition of banishment and freedom of movement.

** All of this happened before I got married to him and was untold about this. I've got to know only after our wedding.

But now we have decided to go on with the  divorce but I am very worried about my little girl's custody.

Please advice how should I go on with the divorce and whats are the necessary documents that I need.

I am sure my daughter will not be safe with my hubby.
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