Custody of My SON

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asked on Mar 20, 2014 at 20:27
Hi there,

I am 35 years old married for 5 years. I have 3 years old son. Since the time i have got married my hubby is alwasy not being with family. He often stay out and he is goes our for drinks. He spend most of his time out rather then with us . I raise my son fully without expecting any help from him. Thet are nights i have to just be a wake to open up doors for him and he will be back home drunk. There are days he never return home and will be back after i am out to work.
He miss use words on me everythime there is fight. He unable to help me on financial or even being as human.
I will feel down and depreseed very time but i give in all the time. One day he decided choose not to work and plan to be at home. i was very positive and told him he can take time to choose the work n place he want to. He took about 1 year to find job and i need to help in this. I take care of everything in terms of payment, food ,medical at home without expecting any from him for 5 years.

But today i am in a stage unable to take his attitude and i feel very pain and he will not chnage for good. I decided to leave this marriage life so i can just be for my son and do the best for him. I need advice how do i need to gain the custody for my son. Kindly advice in which grown i need to go.
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