Adoption of my wife's late brother's twin girls aged 6

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asked on Feb 12, 2014 at 16:38

My wife, from Ipoh, S'pore PR, will like to adopt her late brother's twin girls and raise them in Singapore, where I am a citizen, and give them a normal family life.

The twins have been placed in a Malaysia government welfare home since the age of 2 as the birth mother had abandoned them and my wife's brother do not have the means to take care of both of them then. Her brother passed away last year.

We are the only relatives left with reasonable means to support and look after the twins and we have already done all the reports and paper works necessary for the adoption in S'pore.

Somewhere last year, we were told by the welfare home that the birth mother had another daughter, fathered by someone else, being abandoned to them. (She disappeared after giving birth in the hospital). We were also told that we need the birth mother's written consent in order to proceed with the adoption.

We bumped into the birth mother last month and she agreed to sign the consent after the Chines New Year. However, we have been trying in vain to contact her since with the tel numbers given to us by her.

Question: If we cannot get in contact with the birth mother again, are we able to get the Malaysian Court to grant us an approval for the adoption? If yes, what will be required? If no, what else can we do?

Really hope someone with the experience will be kind enough to help us.

Thanking the kind soul in advance.
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