Citizenship & naming rights for child born out of malaysia

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asked on Feb 6, 2014 at 23:22
Im a malaysian 29 working inphilipines with with my girl pregnant at the age of 19. We will intend to go married soon but both philipines and malaysia requires a parent consent, which we might not be able to obtain.

We both agreed and wished badly tat our baby will get A malaysian citizenship and his future will not be hampered by our incapabilty to provide.

We will married in another foreign coutry if parents consent could not be obtained, probably in europe which most of them will alow marriage once reaching 18. But the baby is more of a concern for time being and where I could provide a comfort home for mommy and baby, I need the baby to be able to experience a normal lifestle and free from future discrimination.

Any advice and suggestion to go through this will be appreciated by both of us... the parents of a coming child that is innocent and pure that surely be loved by his daddy and mommy
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