Marrying outside of Malay and return to give birth

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asked on Feb 5, 2014 at 06:51
Hi There,

Is this thread still active?  Been a long time since anyone has replied.

Well if one was to marry in SINGAPORE or HONG KONG shall we say and go back to SABAH, MALAY 3 months later for example to have
a baby will they allow the birth of the baby with the right documents of marriage?  The mother is MALAY (Chinese/Malay) and was Muslim by birth
but did not practice it because of family issues.  The father is a Canadian but Christian and they decided to marry in SINGAPORE or HK because
he works at one of those places for example.  Can the child be born there? Will the child be granted Malay citizenship under these circumstances?
As everyone can tell she is already pregnant and its kind of a hard situation.

Hope the thread is still alive.  I shoot this question because I am sure many have the same type of questions unanswered.

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