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asked on Jun 25, 2014 at 21:44
Sue owned a boutique at CityMall. The management of CityMall told them that Next Pte Ltd wanted to lease a whole block of building including Sue's shop. Next Pte Ltd offered Sue USD5 per square feet and the option to set their business in another new block owned by CityMall.

The managemnt of CityMall told sue to make reply as soon as possible. They also told her if they refused to take up the offer, the management could modify the floorplan for Next Pte Ltd so that the shop would be cut off from the main flow of customer by building a smaller new alley leading to her shop. Yesterday, the management of CityMall told her that the modified floorplan has been approved and ask her to make up her mind soon as the shop space at new block with good location has been selected by other business. Advise Sue.

So what is the issue in this case? Is there any vitiating factors? and the offer made by Next Pte Ltd is an invitiation to threat??
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